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Psy 355 wk2 drq

Remember to respond to two peers while being respectful of and sensitive to their viewpoints. Consider advancing the discussion in the following ways:
• Post an article, video, or visual related to the development of the social self to reinforce a peer’s idea or challenge them to see their point from a different perspective.• Paraphrase something from the original post. Then consider asking a question or sharing your personal experience.
To complete this assignment, review the Psychology Undergraduate Discussion Rubric. You will also need:
• Programmatic Themes PDF• Norms of Practice for Online Discussion PDF• Ethical Usage Practices PDF
• Based on the content in “A Class Divided,” are children immune to the attitudes and behaviors of other group members? Explain. 
I believe children are immune to the behaviors of groups because, with Mrs. Elliott two-day Blue/Brown eyes exercise it was shown, when she was favorable towards one set color of eyes the students were more enthusiastically and more app to answer questions quickly and correctly. While those who were discriminated against felt more like outcasts, and would second guess themselves, when it came to answering questions.  
• In what ways might important developmental milestones influence social development in childhood? 
Important developmental milestones influence social development in childhood because, as children they will end up gaining a better understanding of their own emotions and those of other people, in which those skills they learn how to interact and play with other people with development of empathy.  
• Based on psychological evidence, should antisocial behavior in adulthood be primarily blamed on impaired socialization as a child? If so, what types of interventions might help to remediate these impairments? If not, what do you think leads to adult antisocial behavior? 
Based on psychological evidence antisocial behavior in adulthood could be partially blamed on impaired socialization as a child, but genetics and environment plays a huge role. According to the National Library of Medicine for childhood antisocial behavior genetics played a 41% role, and their environment played 40% role. Wang et al had examined influences of genetic and environmental factors when it came to aggressive antisocial behavior in 780 twin pairs, it was shown that with age the level of aggressive antisocial behavior had increased in males in ages of nine to eighteen. (National Library of Medicine)  
• Can you teach children tolerance and inclusiveness if they are already indoctrinated by societal intolerance? What if the children in “A Class Divided” had never had a follow-up class explaining brown eyes as an indicator of the smart people? 
It is said children soak information in like sponges’ soak water.  As a mother myself I had instilled set beliefs in my son starting at an early age, we share our toys, do not make fun of people based on their appearance.  He has done great with that, he has stuck up for his friends who were getting made fun for the way they look. But times are also changing social media has taken over people seem to become more comfortable with attacking others online and making their own prejudice judgements on individuals based on what they see and not what they know( andor before getting all the facts).   
• How does the concept of development of the social self apply to any of the following programmatic course themes: 
I believe it ties into ethics as we have a set standard to follow, some people ethics in time or some point get twisted up but we as individuals need to remember our morals. Peoples morals and values are tested daily, and with the video Class A Divided I believe it touched greatly on ethics.  
National Library of Medicine, Genetic and Environmental Influences on Antisocial Behavior 
In my opinion children are more susceptible to the attitudes and behaviors of other group members. Children are like sponges, absorbing everything that they see and then copying what they see. The children in “A class divided” watched and listened as their teachers told them that kids with the opposite-colored eyes were less then them. Suddenly someone who was their friend they day before was no longer their friend based off the idea that eye color determined importance. “A Class Divided” shows that children and adults can be taught tolerance and inclusiveness. In 1968 societal intolerance was embedded in almost every white American family yet Mrs. Elliott taught them about discrimination and inclusiveness. This lesson stayed with those children and shaped how they raised their children. If they children never had the follow-up lesson then the children would have less tolerant of people with different colored eyes, they would have thought that people with brown eyes were less smart because that had been told that and seen it in their third-grade class.      
When developmental milestones are missed this can result in a child being anti-social. In the experiment of Anna, she did not interact with people, so she did not learn how to interact, therefore missing milestones. This led to Anna not making eye contact with, not learning to smile, or interact with people. Anti-social behavior in adulthood is mostly a result of impaired socialization as a child as well as life experiences, or lack thereof. To remedy this, slow and gradual exposer and socialization can help.
The concept of development of social self applies to emotional intelligence. Understanding the importance of the development of social self and helping others develop a social self demonstrates emotional intelligence. Being able to identify when someone lacks development of a social self and knowing how to deal with a person who is lacking in that area also demonstrates emotional intelligence.
CrashCourse. (2017, June 12). Social Development: Crash Course Sociology #13 [Video]. YouTube.
Frontline. (2019, January 18). A Class Divided [Video]. YouTube.


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King James Bible. (2017). King James Bible Online.
(Original work published 1769)
Nolen-Hoeksema. (2020). Abnormal Psychology (8th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.
O’Doherty, D. C. M., Tickell, A., Ryder, W., Chan, C., Hermens, D. F., Bennett, M. R., &
Lagopoulos, J. (2017, August 30). Frontal and subcortical grey matter re1-s2.0-S0925492716303377-main.pdf Download 1-s2.0-S0925492716303377-main.pdfductions in PTSD. Psychiatry Research. Neuroimaging, 266, 1-9.

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