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Topic 7 DQ 1m Reply Only

Topic 7 DQ 1
Please Reply Only
Your manager is very pleased with your research data collection plan and qualitative research design for understanding how to motivate employee performance and has asked you to write a literature review (similar to Chapter 2 in your dissertation). Your dilemma is what empirical research should be included in your literature review. How can you discern quality studies in the qualitative realm from mediocre ones? What are the top five criteria for selecting high-quality qualitative empirical articles for your literature review? Is there ever an instance where you might include a study that does not adequately meet all five criteria? Support your position.
1. Ambersol
Experimentation and observation are what empirical research is based on. Qualitative research is conducted within different research paradigms. This in turn makes it complicated to discern the quality of a particular study. A qualitative empirical article consists of four parts frontends, methods, findings and the backend. All four parts are important, but the front end is paramount because it sets the expectation for empirical findings (Gopaldas,2016). The top five criteria for selecting high quality qualitative empirical articles for a literature review are trustworthiness, credibility, transferability, dependability, confirmability. trustworthiness depends on how credible, transferable, and reliable qualitative research may be. Credibility aims at whether the research findings are plausible and convincing. Transferability in an article consist of a clear basis for drawing inferences from the study. Dependability is the extent to which the research could be replicated in similar conditions. Confirmability is a clear link between the data and the findings. Strategies in which a researcher adopts in order to ensure the quality of a study will depend on a wide range of factors specific to each qualitative research project including the research method they adopt and the research paradigm. However, there is no route or one size fits all” approach for discerning the quality of qualitative research articles, but the 5 criteria above can give a researcher a good standing point for designing and conducting qualitative research.
Gopaldas, A. (2016). A front to back guide to writing a qualitative research article. Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 19(1), 115-121.
2. Amber 
After receiving recognition for my research data collection plan and my qualitative research design for motivating employee performance. Now it’s time to decide what empirical research should be included in the literature review. In order to discern quality studies in the qualitative realm from mediocre you must look deeply at the research and look at a certain criterion to verify and to compare various research. A researcher can use the top five criteria standards to select high quality qualitative empirical articles by checking the credibility, accuracy, reasonableness, and support as the criteria to evaluate sources (D’Urso et al., 2021, Ensuring quality of sources, para. 1). Looking at the credibility ensures that it is peer reviewed and that it comes from a place that have been reviewed by others in the field. Accuracy is also important as you can easily separate the mediocre by looking at which one can prove that the data is accurate and has been tested. Reasonableness is another imperative aspect as you must choose the research that makes sense. Lastly, a researcher must check to see if there is data and additional research to support the research. I do believe that there may be an instance where I might include a study that does not adequately meet all five criteria as maybe missing the support from other researcher. It could be that it is not as relevant and haven’t been seen but could very much so meet all the other criteria.
D’Urso, P., Johnston, E., & McClendon, C. (2021). Critical Appraisal of Quantitative and Qualitative Literature. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), GCU doctoral research: Foundational Principles of Research Design (1st ed.). Grand Canyon University. 
3. Kevin 
The research data collection in supporting and motivating employee performance in dealing with the dilemma in empirical research would be to involve the evaluation of previous empirical studies to being and create a specific researched issue. The literature review in empirical research plays a role in unveiling a theory or theories in supporting an argument and in looking a theoretical background that again will support your knowledge on that study. The fire criteria’s being used in choosing the relevant literature review would be to have balance coverage when dealing with the studies a researcher is performing. The research must have an enough material in showing the limitations and development of the area he or she has chosen. Accuracy, objectivity ,currency, coverage, and authority are used to perform the basic criteria of a review. Defining the topic and audience is key to qualitative empirical studies . When working on the literature, search and research is needed to support your review. Taking note while reading and supporting your evidence to support your review.
As a researcher you must be focused but not in a broad interest in your study. Consistency while being critical to you review is most important. The instance that I might not include in my study could be the critical appraisal of articles that may not provide enough rigor to the review. Authors at times do not provide enough information in the article that may show strengths and limitations (Younas A , Madigan J 2019). Literature review can also provide a useful kind of article for the dissertation researcher. This review can be helpful in searching sources aligned to their studies (Pat D’Urso et al. 2021). In doing so the literature review can provide and save essential hours in related dissertation topics and can be used to provide rapid summary of potentially useful literature(Pat D’Urso et al. 2021). The approach to identifying literature for the review can be open ended questions and help to identify questions to be answered through one’s literature review. This will support and provide a strategic way for online learning practices for the researcher.
Pat D’Urso, Elizabeth Johnston, and Cristie McClendon  2021Foundations of Quantitative and Qualitative Research. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), GCU doctoral research: Foundational Principles of Research Design (1st ed.). Grand Canyon University
Younas A , Madigan J . Proposing a policy framework for nursing education for fostering compassion in nursing students: a critical review. J Adv Nurs 2019;75:1621–36.doi:10.1111/jan.13946 pmid:
4. Kevin Medley
replied toMichelle Redaja
Hello Michelle,
The purpose of quantitative research allows you to generalize results when supporting sample groups to entire groups of people. This will provide statistics and structure that will provide the ability to draw conclusion while making educated decisions. Another purpose is to attain a greater knowledge and understanding the world socially. As a researcher and trying to become a better researcher, using quantitative methods observe many scenarios and situations that may affect people. Quantitative research also produces data that can be communicated through stats and numbers. Qualitative research also will show a multimethod in focus and naturalistic approach in dealing with the subject matter. This is others say that the study can be done in their natural setting and will interpret the meaning people may bring to them. Qualitative research allows the generating of new knowledge while understanding and not limited to just the study. The findings that are used for qualitative research one must interpret the data because of the anomalies in the data(Pat D’Urso et al. 2021). Thank you for your discussion, Michelle.-Kevin
Pat D’Urso, Elizabeth Johnston, and Cristie McClendon  2021Foundations of Quantitative and Qualitative Research. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), GCU doctoral research: Foundational Principles of Research Design (1st ed.). Grand Canyon University
Topic 7 DQ 2
After you have determined what sources to include in your literature review to understand how to motivate employees in the workplace, you must now compile your review and reflect on the implications of all that you have read in the extant literature and how that applies to your research. To what extent might the strengths, weakness, limitations, and delimitations of existing studies inform the development of your qualitative research problem and proposed study design. Explain.
5 Keith 
Reflecting on the implications of qualitative studies, including the strengths, weakness, and limitations of existing research is a beneficial step for the researcher in order to provide a thorough background of the presented data for the reader. Qualitative research is seen as subjective and the resulting data may not build as strong of a knowledge basis (Pearse, 2021). In order for a qualitative study to be meaningful and contributory to a knowledge base, the researcher must be diligent and thoughtful in their research, methodology, and explanation. Effective qualitative studies should contain an explanation of the relevance to the topic, an examination of the maturation of the concept, guidance on the assumptions the researcher made, and an explanation of the findings of the study (Pearse, 2021). These components help convey to the audience that the research was handled thoroughly and demonstrates that the study contributes in a meaningful way to the body of knowledge.
Even if the researcher performs the proper due diligence, there is still the matter that qualitative research is subjective and naturally just a softer science. This inherently brings qualitative research and studies validity into question; this is expected as subjective studies can never be licensed as fact. The best the researcher can do is ensure the above criteria is met and that they are transparent with their research, studies, experiments, findings and results. The rest is up to the readers to accept the validity of the study.
Pearse, N. (2021). Guidelines for Theory Development using Qualitative Research Approaches. Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, 19(2), 95–103.
6. Keith 
Kevin Medley
Replies to Kevin Medley
Thanks for your post to this week’s discussion question. You are absolutely right that deep learning (or as I interpret it, thorough research) are essential to forming a solid, meaningful qualitative research study that contributes in a meaningful way to the body of knowledge that the topic is based on (Pearse, 2021). This holds true for all scholarly research, be it quantitative or qualitative. An effective scholarly dissertation has a role to play in both academia as well as industry. Scholarly work should help further and expand the knowledge of topics for industries to continue to grow and evolve. Scholarly research and dissertations hold an important role in society, as advancement benefits society as a whole in both quality-of-life improvements and cost of living reductions. Looking at scholarly work in this manner will help provide an insight into why researchers should take the task of scholarly work very seriously. Transparency and thoroughness are paramount in being successful. You touched on these points in your reply this week. Your cited sources really delve into the topic in a meaningful way and the authors points are spot on. As doctoral students, we should all be mindful of the importance and potential impact of our work. Thinking that someone in our class could publish a dissertation that goes on to reveal a new idea and spur a whole new generation of further studies is exciting. I think that should make all of us think through our dissertation process and how we can be as thorough as possible.
Pearse, N. (2021). Guidelines for Theory Development using Qualitative Research Approaches. Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, 19(2), 95–103.
7. Michelle 
Replies to Keith Pavlik
The importance of data in their predictable manner is more important in qualitative research methods. The data is collected using this strategy by conducting free queries and giving concrete examples. In terms of strengths, it really develop qualitative problems because it provides or gives an idea about the study’s economic feasibility, interpretability, accuracy, and diversity. For weaknesses, it gives an idea about the unpredictability and a paucity of inherent depth of the study which provide also about the limitations of the study. On the other hand, delimitations seem to be the researcher’s decisions that should be noted. It develops research problem in a way that it define the study’s parameters that you should have established. Investigators and classmates who will study your research or thesis will regard your assertions as true, or at least credible. While the study limitation are those aspects of the structure or technique that caused or influence how the results of your analysis were interpreted (Choy, 2014).
Reference : 
Choy, L. T. (2014). The strengths and weaknesses of research methodology: comparison and complimentary between qualitative and quantitative approaches. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 19(4), 99-104.
8. Kevin 
.replied toMichelle Redaja
Replies to Michelle Redaja
Hello Michelle,
The importance of qualitative research enables a researcher to understand the whys pertaining to numerical data. Qualitative analytics is focused on the user experience. There are three core approaches to data collection qualitative research. They are focus groups, observations and interview when determining the extent of strength and weakness when understanding existed studies and proposed study design. As a researcher one will need to review existing literature when comprehending the present knowledge and critical appraisal of literature from quality resources. The critical appraisal includes specific sources when it comes to the researcher and their purposes. The essential aspect of a researcher will need show similarities and differences of methodology, designs, and findings (Pat D’Urso et, al. 2021). The qualitative research and systematic approach  assure the sources and the relevance of sources when it comes to a researcher scholarly work. Thank you for your discussion on this topic, Michelle.-Kevin
Pat D’Urso, Elizabeth Joet al. Johnston, and Cristie McClendon  2021Foundations of Quantitative and Qualitative Research. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), GCU doctoral research: Foundational Principles of Research Design (1st ed.). Grand Canyon University


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