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When you first begin your role as an HR generalist, you might feel like there’s so much to know about employee benefits and compensation. But at the same time, there’s not nearly as much information out there about this topic as you might expect. That’s why it can be tricky for someone new to HR to jump into writing about employee benefits and compensation right away. There are a lot of details involved in these functions of your business, especially if you want your policies and programs to reflect your company culture and attract top talent. If you’re just starting out in HR, learning how to write employee benefits and compensation paper can seem like an overwhelming task. But don’t worry – we have the perfect tips to get you started! Keep reading to learn the most important concepts in writing employee benefits and compensation papers.

The 6 Most Important Concepts in Writing an Employee Benefits and Compensation Paper



When companies are deciding how to best structure their employee benefits, there’s a lot of information to consider. How much should we spend on benefits? Which programs are essential for attracting talent and which ones might be optional? If we offer a 401(k) plan, what kind of matching program makes the most sense?
These questions can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re tasked with answering them in a way that best serves your company. Fortunately, there are lots of resources available to help answer these difficult questions.
In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best advice on employee benefits and compensation terminology and practices from leading HR professionals and other industry experts.

What is Employee Benefits and Compensation?

The terms employee benefits and compensation are often used interchangeably, but they actually represent two different topics that are essential to any compensation plan.

Employee benefits are voluntary perks that are not guaranteed and can be offered at the discretion of the employer. Compensation, on the other hand, consists of the guaranteed wages or salary that an employee receives in exchange for their time and effort.

Since benefits and compensation are both crucial components of a compensation plan, each deserves careful consideration during the benefits and compensation process.

Defining Types of Employee Benefits

Health Insurance: Health insurance plans cover the costs of medical care, including doctor’s visits and prescription drugs. There are two main types of health insurance: group plans, which are provided by an employer; and individual plans, which are purchased by a person.

Dental Insurance: Dental insurance programs are used to pay for routine dental procedures, such as cleanings and fillings. Dental insurance is often provided through a group health plan.

Life Insurance: Life insurance plans provide a death benefit to a person’s family or a company’s beneficiary in the event of the policyholder’s death. There are two main types of life insurance: term life insurance, which lasts for a certain number of years and is generally inexpensive; and permanent life insurance, which is a more costly, long-term policy.

Disability Insurance: Disability insurance plans provide a death benefit to a person’s family or a company’s beneficiary in the event of a long-term disability. A few examples of disability insurance policies include

  • short-term disability insurance, which provides benefits if a person cannot work due to short-term illness;
  • long-term disability insurance, which covers lost wages in the event of a long-term disability; and
  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which is provided by the government and is only available to select professions.

Comparing Benefit Options

Cost: The first thing to consider when comparing benefit options is the cost. The price of each benefit option is a good indicator of its value, so you’ll want to consider how much each program will cost the company.

Availability: Another important factor to keep in mind when comparing benefit options is availability. Not everyone will be eligible for the same benefits, so you’ll want to consider which options are available to the entire employee population.

Coverage: Lastly, you’ll want to think about coverage when comparing benefit options. The coverage provided by each option is another good indicator of the value of each program. For example, you might want to consider the number of medical providers covered by each provider as an indicator of coverage.

When Should Companies Offer Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits are often offered as an incentive to hire and retain top talent, but they can also be used to retain existing employees. However, there are a few general guidelines that can be used to determine when benefits should be offered.

First, you’ll want to make sure that the company can afford to offer the benefits. It’s important to consider the cost of each benefit option and make sure that you have the budget to cover each program.

Secondly, you’ll want to make sure that the company has the proper authorization to offer the benefits. Not all types of benefits are offered at the federal level, so you’ll want to make sure that the company has the proper authorization to offer the benefits.

Which Employee Benefits Are Essential?

There’s no rule of thumb when it comes to deciding which benefits are essential.

However, you may want to consider which benefits are generally offered at companies of comparable size or within your industry.

You might also want to consider which benefits are important to employees at your company.

If you’re having a hard time deciding which benefits are essential, you can use this topic as the basis for your employee benefits and compensation paper. In your paper, you can explore the importance of benefits and provide a list of recommended benefits for companies.

Example of Essay Topics for benefits and compensation paper

  • What are the different types of benefits offered by employers?
  • How important are benefits to employees?
  • Which benefits are essential?
  • What are the trends in the benefits and compensation industry?

There’s really no limit to the topics you can explore in benefits and compensation paper. Whether you’re writing about the history of benefits or exploring the future of benefits and compensation, you’ll have plenty of topics to choose from.

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