The Value of Strategic Human Resource Management in Organizations Today

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Building strategic hrm today requires building talent, capabilities, culture, and relationships in the workforce. A guide for value-based strategic human resource management.

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The Value of Strategic Human Resource Management in Organization according to research


Human resource management (HRM) is the process of managing people in organizations. There are various functions that help you maintain a healthy and productive work environment, such as hiring, training and development, performance management, compensation, and benefits. In business organizations, HR professionals must integrate strategic human resource management practices with company objectives to drive performance. The HR department has multiple roles that impact the organization as a whole by helping leaders hire employees who are a good fit for company culture, develop employee skills to increase productivity and collaboration across teams, and reward employees fairly based on performance to retain top performers.

What is Strategic HR Management?

Strategic human resource management is the process of aligning HR practices with company objectives to drive business performance. It involves analyzing business challenges, identifying the talents and skills needed to meet goals, and creating HR strategies to address needs.

HR strategies are often interrelated, and address company needs related to people and organizational culture, communication, leadership and management, employee development, employee relations, and employee well-being and engagement.

HR strategies may include new employee hiring programs, employee training programs, compensation and benefits policies, changes to organizational structure, and use of technology in the HR process.

The Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management

HR is more than just hiring talented individuals who will contribute to the bottom line. In fact, the whole idea of strategic human resource management is to maintain a healthy organization, which allows employees to perform at the top of their game and contribute to the organization’s success.

Here are some of the main advantages of having a strategic human resource management strategy in place:

Improved Employee Engagement: Engagement is the commitment employees feel toward the organization they work for. To put it simply, it is the willingness of employees to go the extra mile – whether it be long hours put in at the office or taking on extra responsibilities. This willingness is what drives productivity, and when employees are engaged, they are more likely to produce high-quality work.

– Better Workplace Culture: Workplace culture refers to the general feeling and environment of the office. This can include social activities, the dress code, and the office layout. When an organization has a good workplace culture, employees are more likely to feel welcome and at ease with their colleagues. Having a strategic human resource management strategy allows organizations to identify factors that affect workplace culture and put plans in place to correct them.

Rebuilding Talent in the Organization: Recruiting and Retaining Talent

The first step in rebuilding talent within an organization is to find people who are a good fit.

In the past, hiring was largely done through word of mouth or by placing ads in newspapers. These methods were effective but took time and effort. Now, most companies use a variety of digital tools that take the process from a few weeks to a few days.

In addition to traditional methods, HR departments use social media to find and engage top talent. Social media recruiting allows you to find the best candidates for your open positions, create interested candidates, and weed out unqualified applicants. When you find the right talent, you’ll want to keep them around for as long as possible.

To retain employees who are a good fit for the organization, focus on creating a good work environment with benefits and opportunities for growth.

Rebuilding Culture in the Organization: Training and Developing Employees

A major part of improving organizational culture is providing employees with training and development opportunities that help them progress in their careers.

By equipping employees with the skills needed to complete tasks, perform well, and interact with colleagues, you can create a culture of excellence that leads to positive change. There are many ways to provide training to employees.

You can offer in-person training sessions, online courses, or mentoring programs. Whichever method you choose, be sure to track the progress of employees to determine which areas they need to improve.

You can also survey employees to see if they feel the need for more training in certain areas. This survey can be about the specific tasks employees perform and the tools and technologies they use on a daily basis.

Rebuilding Relationships in the Organization: Improving Communication and Collaboration

Communication and collaboration are important aspects of any successful organization. When departments and teams don’t communicate well with one another, problems arise that take time and effort to resolve.

To improve communication and collaboration, you’ll want to first identify any problems that exist in the organization. Once problems are identified, you can begin to solve them by taking the following steps:

Create a Communication Culture: Every organization should have a communication culture. This is the manner in which employees communicate with one another, and it should be clear and consistent. For example, if your organization has a policy of holding weekly meetings to discuss projects, this should be followed each week. If someone misses the meeting, follow-up questions should be asked.

Integrate Communication Tools: Technology has made communication easier than ever before, so it only makes sense to use it to improve communication and collaboration in the organization. Choose communication tools that work for your organization, whether it be collaborative software or communication apps.

Rebuilding Organizational Capabilities: Improving Processes and Technology

Organizational capabilities refer to the internal processes used in the organization, such as how employees manage their time, how they communicate with one another, and how they utilize technology to complete tasks. These processes should be monitored to ensure they are efficient and effective.

If processes are inefficient, they should be reviewed and altered to become more effective. This can be done by creating a timeline that outlines tasks, such as how long it takes to create a website or publish content.

By monitoring timelines, you can identify issues that are slowing tasks down. Once these issues are identified, you can put plans in place to improve the process.


HR is an underappreciated element of business. Most people think of it as just filling out paperwork and making sure everybody has the right benefits. It’s actually a lot more than that. HR is responsible for many of the day-to-day tasks that keep the business moving forward. This includes hiring, training, and managing employees, as well as overseeing benefits, payroll, and more. HR is a critical part of any company’s success because it provides the backbone for all of these operations. It helps all departments work together, keeps employees happy and engaged, and helps the company meet its goals. If you want your company to succeed, it’s important to have a strong HR strategy in place. This will help you attract better candidates, retain employees, and improve the overall workplace culture.

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